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Rent your boat on the Costa Brava

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The Costa Brava offers us an unbeatable environment to enjoy the sea, which is why with Costa Brava Boats you can rent your boat near the main coves and most attractive beaches in the area.

Boat rental in Sa Riera

Rent all kinds of boats in Sa Riera. One of the best ways to get to know the formidable environment of the Costa Brava is without a doubt sailing along its coast. For this reason, at Costa Brava Boats we help you find the most suitable boat for you.

Boats in Sa Riera to rent

Sa Riera beach is an ideal location to start an adventure sailing through the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean Sea aboard one of the boats offered by the Costa Brava boat rental service.

How much does a Sa Riera Boat Rental cost?

You will find boats with different prices in the Sa Riera boat rental. The price range varies according to the type of ship chosen, or if it includes some type of benefits.

Another characteristic that influences the rental price is the contracted period. You have three options:

  • Half day rental
  • Rental for full days
  • Rent per week

One of the greatest advantages of the Sa Riera Boat Rental is that the final price includes services such as all-risk insurance, port mooring or final rental cleaning.

Can I rent a Sa Riera boat with skipper or without skipper?

If you have decided on the Sa Riera boat rental, you should know that most of the boats can be hired with or without a skipper. Depending on the model chosen, some boats need a license such as the "basic boat skipper", but for others no nautical license is required.

What are the navigation areas close to the Sa Riera boat rental?

From Sa Riera you can head to the coast of Pals, which stretches for four miles, and contemplate the beauty of the Medes Islands in the Montgrí Natural Park.

What can I do in Sa Riera?

With the Sa Riera Boat Rental you can order a paella to eat on the boat, take a walk along the coastal path, or contemplate an incomparable view from the castle of Begur. Sa Riera is a beautiful beach surrounded by cliffs and green forests that is hard not to fall in love with at first sight.

We reached Begur without much difficulty thanks to our GPS and we followed the indications to the famous viewpoint of the castle. We headed up the winding paths until we found a parking lot near the base of the castle. As we went up, I couldn't help but be enchanted by the flowers and old stones looking out over the city with blue skies and strong winds. It felt like going back in time.

The castle itself isn't in the best shape, but when you consider that it's over 1,000 years old, I think you can forgive a few cosmetic touches. The castle was originally built when a feudal lord, Arnust de Begur, needed a strategic position with a good view of his approaching enemies.

Throughout history it changed hands many times, but today it attracts visitors for its spectacular views as far as the Mediterranean Sea and classic Spanish rooftops.