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We want to rent a boat. Where are you located?

Nos encontraréis en Aiguafreda, una pequeña cala situada entre la playa de Sa Riera y la cala de Sa Tuna, en el municipio de Begur. Nos reconoceréis fácilmente por nuestro uniforme náutico con el logo de la empresa, Begur Boats. Estamos en el pantalán dispuestos para daros la bienvenida, informaros y responder a todas vuestras dudas. Una vez hayamos rellenado el contrato y toda la documentación requerida os acompañaremos hasta la barca para mostraros cómo funciona. Nuestro consejo es que vengáis temprano para poder disfrutar más tiempo del barco y además es cuando el mar está más calmado.

Attention – You can also find us on the beach of Sa Riera

What is the schedule of the rental?

The rental day starts at 10:00 in the morning and ends at 18:00 (6 PM). During that time the boat is completely at your disposal. We do recommend that you depart early to fully benefit from a calmer sea and a longer experience. Fuel stations close at 18h00 therefore we expect you to be back by then. Nevertheless, we are flexible, and special arrangements can be made for long term rentals, or late arrivals for extraordinary situations.

Should I worry about the gas tank? Would I need to refill the tank during the rental journey?

All boats have a tank capacity of a 100 liters, which has an average duration of two days boating. If you take a long trip along the coast you might use the tank capacity in one day.

At the end of our trip we know that we need to deliver the boat with the tank full as we received it. Is there a petrol station in Aiguafreda or Sa Riera?

We have the privileged location of a cove but no fuel stations are allowed, so the closest stations are in the harbor of l’Estartit and in Fornells. Both are an easy 10 minute drive from us.

It's our first time in this area and don't know much about the coast. We feel a bit uncomfortable.

You will immediately realize that there are numerous boats in this area at all times; in each cove, in each beach there is a huge field of buoys. Therefore, you don’t need to feel unsafe as it is not dangerous to sail in the Costa Brava. Nevertheless, as in anywhere else in the world, you need to stay alert.

Before your departure we provide the weather forecast and recommend the best route for you to take, depending on your preferred destinations. Also, a folder with aerial pictures is provided, enabling you visually see the shape of the coast and its characteristics. Navigating will be simple and delightful.

Can our two children go on the boat?

Of course, your children are welcome! Generally, children are the passengers that enjoy the boat the most! We’ve even had passengers that are almost new born. Children always seem to return from their outing with a lifetime memory. We know this because years later they tell us so.

Nevertheless, children always need special attention. We equipped them with special life jackets to their size to wear during the trip, and we advise you on the best location to seat them. We also remind you in advance about sun lotion, bringing caps or hats, and suggested beverages to bring along. A camping fridge is provided onboard for your convenience. Also, all of our boats have a large sun cover to insure your family’s comfort.

What if an emergency occurs? For example, what happens if the engine fails to work?

Maintenance and safety are the most important aspect of our business. Thankfully, there has never been an accident in our seven years of operation. The boats are kept in top condition and are checked on a daily basis.
Nevertheless, an accidental inconvenience can always occur. First, contact us. We are always available by mobile.
In our experience, most emergencies are simple matters that can easily be solved by phone; the security engine is not well connected, the battery is turned off, a plastic has melt with the helix, the contact engine is not on the neutral position, etc.
Be assured, however, that if the occasion requires it, a mechanic service will come to your assistance by sea to help, and will bring you back to shore safely.

What are the payment conditions? Do we need to pay in advance?

We require a 40% reservation fee of the total amount in advance. This can be paid in cash, by credit card of bank deposit. Rental payments in Aiguafreda need to be made in cash because there are no facilities on the beach to accommodate other payment methods.

Do we have to pay a deposit for the fleet? Is there any insurance?

The fleet deposit it’s 700€, you can realize by credit card. If you return the fleet in the same conditions as it was given, we don’t charge them. Anyway, we have a stocktaking with damage prices.
However, we have an all-risk insurance included (with a franquícia of 250€) that covers most of the possible damage caused to the rented boat. Accessories are excluded from this insurance.

We want to rent several days. Do we get a special price?

Of course! We are pleased of offer special packages for long term rentals. Many of our clients do rent for the entire period of their vacation. Often for a week or more. Also for long term rentals, we provide daily maintainance and cleaning of your boat at no additional cost.


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