General Conditions

The hirer will get the boat specified in the contract in the day and at the time signed, fully equipped according to the inventory agreed and signed. The boat has the tank full and should be brought back in the same conditions (giving ticket). Fuel is not included in the price (*) nor other ports moor rates than the one specified in the contract.

The hirer assumes the compromise to bring back the boat from this contract in the day, place and time specified in the particular conditions and in the same conservation conditions that in the delivery. The returning of the boat in a different place than the departing one will mean an extra payment for the hirer of the costs of the bringing back at the original departure place and the extra ports transits.

Full risk insurance: covers the damages caused to the boat (engine and hull) and passengers. The hirer is free from any economic responsibility as far as the insurance is covered except of the ports of the exemption. The hirer will be the only guilty whenever they are law offences or negligent damages from him.

Without full risk insurance: the hirer assumes the responsibility of any damages resulting from an accident happened during the location and has paid 300€ extra to the 300 € fee as a guarantee (total 600 €). In the inventory all the bumps and boat visible flashes which are not noted and appear at the end of the rental will be hirer’s fault. The cost of the rescue will be paid by the hirer except form mechanic broken without any responsibility from him.

The boat rented will not exceed on board the maximum crew indicated. No dogs allowed nor shoes but the nautical ones. The hirer will never use the boat rented for competitions of any kind, other than leisure navigation. And with special regard of the maritime and custom laws within the limits of its navigation license and boat limitation.

The hirer and the driver of the boat will be the only responsible of any incompliance of the laws during the period of the hiring and the hirer will refund the lessor any sanction, tax or other penalty caused to the lesser as well as for all locations lost because of the hirer negligence.

With previous reservation: 40% of the total cost has been paid. For the rental the total cost is fully paid when the location starts. Otherwise, the reservation is automatically cancelled and the hirer will loose the deposit as a penalisation freely accepted and the lesser will be free to rent again the boat.

a) delay returning: 30 min./40€, 1h/80€ i 2h/150€ or any other amount deriving from loses in incompliance of the agreements in the contract and in penal clause freely accepted from the hirer.

  1. b) cleansing: 30€ for rubbish, food, too much sand or other dirtiness.
  2. c) fuel: 20€ for refilling it + the cost of the fuel missing (*).

(*) Petrol: Except in boats that do not require a nautical license  (Fuel included in the price)

Import of 300 €: is paid when signing the contract and the boat inventory. The fee will be used to pay the incorrect use of the boat and its equipment, or lost of the boat material, sanctions, taxes, delays or any extra cost for the lesser.

The fee will be returned after the boat checking at the returning and ending of the contract.

The lessor is exempt from any liability for damage or loss of personal property of the hirer.

Any accident or unusual situation should be communicated immediately to the hirer.  It is absolutely forbidden to taw other boats or to be taken form other boats but in extreme situations.

The hirer has to inform the lessor of any incident, accident or crash happened while the rental.

If another boat is engaged in the incident all the contact information should be taken (name, license number, owner or hirer, insurance, patron, etc.) in order to make the adequate accident procedure and reclamation if worth.

If breakdown occurs the hirer will only be in charge of the reparations previously asked and authorized by the lessor.

– With notice before 20 days of the rental date: the amount of the reservation will be available for another reservation at Begur Boats S.L.

– With notice after 20 days of the rental date: the amount of the reservation remains as compensation to Begur Boats S.L.

Reservations are canceled if customers do not show up after three hours from the start of the rental without prior notice to Begur Boats S.L.

The red flag or adverse weather conditions are circumstances not attributable to Begur Boats S.L.

In case of litigation due to the interpretation or application of this contract, both parts will submit to the territorial  Court of La Bisbal (Girona).

For any question or complaint remember that you can find us in Cala de Aiguafreda s / n. 17255, Begur, Girona, Spain or by calling +34 972 759 493.

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